Infinite Streaming

Why Choose Us?

The perks of using our service

We are working with our clients and event planners to replace the old model of corporate and entertainment virtual events. This includes converting conferences, internal meetings, corporate content, and conventions into modern hybrid and fully virtual events. We use real-time streaming and remote event technology as an end-to-end live virtual events production company to provide:

  • Broadcast Quality Video and Audio Live Streaming for Your Event
  • Expert Technical Directors and Real-Time Streaming Platform Engineers
  • Expert Matching of Your Needs to the Right Virtual Event Platforms
  • A Seamless Virtual Event Planning & Project Management Experience
  • Training and Rehearsals for Your Remote Presenters Before Your Virtual Events
  • On-Call Technical Support for Attendees and Presenters Throughout Your Event
  • A Solution Suitable for Your Next Live Virtual or Hybrid Event

Our Mission

Our mission at Infinite Streaming is to bring viewers together in order to create  a live virtual experience using innovative technology and social media sharing, which is at the heart of online and hybrid events. Virtual events are actively ingraining themselves into our human identity, becoming a global phenomenon that attracts audiences from all demographics. We use our resources to facilitate face-to-face conversations, debates, information sharing, and other activities that involve people from all over the world.

With the advancement of technology, interest in video content, and a desire to reduce long-distance travel for events and meetings, we are seeing significant growth in both hybrid and virtual events, which began long before the global pandemic.